Carolynn Norton

Carolynn Norton


Working from my inner landscape of “emotion recollected in tranquility,” I create vibrant, stylised and symbolic artwork. Filtered through memory and imagination, as I paint the meanings, stories and images evolve and deepen of their own accord. Often suggesting allegorical, timeless events, my paintings capture a sense of place and/or spirituality, for I find inspiration in our North Dorset village of Marnhull; in the Blackmore Vale and the Jurassic Coastline; in our travels abroad; in ‘other’ worlds……….and, in particular, deeply-felt life experiences echoed in literature, especially poetry and mythology.

Having been always fascinated by Palaeography, iconic visual symbols from ancient writing systems as well as Calligraphic markings can be found in my work; and I have designed an original Pictographic alphabet which I use in some paintings, especially those created on Chinese rice paper.

I employ a variety of techniques: collage, marbling, textured surfaces, lino/mono-printing, watercolour and inks on Xuan rice paper etc. I also enjoy using a variety of mediums: watercolours, pastels, modelling paste, acrylic inks and paints, gouache, gesso, pen/black inks etc; and, at the moment, I am experimenting with Brusho and Zen-tangling!

This is a joyful never-ending journey: “As long as I can paint, I am on the Path to understanding what ‘it’ is all about.” (P Wolff)

Phone: 01258 821183