Creative Photography by a Man in a Hat

Creative Photography by a Man in a Hat


I’m an experienced freelance photographer based in Dorset, UK. As well as landscapes and portraits, I love to create bespoke images – for websites, catalogues and other commercial use, or as individual and unique artworks for commission and exhibition.

I combine both a traditional and digital approach to imaging, making anything and everything possible (except weddings) and I like fresh challenges (except weddings).

I have the worst sense of direction in the world, which can be interesting when wandering about the countryside taking photos… So if you see a lost-looking behatted bloke with a camera and a resigned looking border collie, please feel free to say Hi and point me the right way 🙂

My work is on permanent display at The Cygnet Gallery, Swans Yard, High Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP78JQ.

I enjoy working on new projects. My prices are realistic. I’ve won a few awards. If you’re looking for some good quality photography, get in touch!

Phone: 07817993181


Website: www.