Diana Girdwood

Diana Girdwood

Art for me is fun, mindful, experimental and always discovering.

I might be inspired by a sound, a shape, a colour, a texture, a character.

I draw and make shapes, marks and lines. I find or collect things. I look or listen to see how each one relates to the next, how much space there is between. How a colour might influence another. How a surface creates a balance; rough against smooth.

Each art piece is unique.

My Journey

I am professionally qualified as a 3D Designer, Secondary Art Teacher and Yoga Teacher.

So many inspirational people and experiences along the way and my art continues to evolve.

I moved to beautiful Dorset four years ago and lived and worked in a motorhome in a forest for two and a half years; I adapted my working methods to a small space and began to explore paper as a medium for sculpture.

I now work from a small studio at the back of my cottage in Tolpuddle, Dorset where I can see and hear the nature outside.

Bird and animal sculptures

The character of a bird or animal, a quick movement or a look is my inspiration and I make some drawings and take photographs. The sculptures are constructed by manipulating newspaper to form a shape. I use a wire backbone to give rigidity for larger models and build the paper up gradually, moulding and wrapping to create a solid form. I may cut into the shape and bring out pattern and layering detail by a repeated process of varnishing and sanding the surface. Scraps of text and colour begin to emerge which give each piece a unique character. I love the warmth and tactile quality of the paper as I work with it.


I run fun, creative or mindful workshop events, making bird or animal sculptures or collage.


Please contact me for details


Email: dianagirdwood@hotmail.com