Henry’s Buttons

Henry’s Buttons


I developed my interest in the Dorset Button industry during my time as Chairman of the Gold Hill Museum. Over the years I’ve worked with textiles and social history has always been an interest of mine. Dorset Buttons was an ideal way of to join my work with textiles with and to use a heritage craft for inspiration.


My buttons have a variety of uses notably commissions for film work, including the recent “Far From the Madding Crowd” starring Carey Mulligan who wore them on many of her outfits. To provide authenticity to period costumes, I work with Living History Groups, including Hampton Court Palace, where my work includes making buttons for the re-enactors from the Georgian chocolate kitchen. I also designed buttons for fashion designers and take individual commissions.


To help keep this heritage craft alive, my work is based on the traditional Dorset Button and worked in the traditional way using contemporary materials and designs. All my work is based in a ring and includes wall art using fabric, ribbons, lace and yarn to small fabric jewellery pieces and accessories. Each piece is inspired by the local Dorset Button.

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