Jess Sims

Jessica Sims


The term “felt artist” might seem a rather woolly” job description, but it’s what I do – I FEEL my ART. I am a “felter” who paints with fibre and an “artist” who felts paintings (oh, and scarves, soap, purses, cards and prints…) albeit rather hairy ones! And, making something from nothing is incredibly satisfying, not to mention practising one of the most ancient crafts known to man.

The sense of touch is very important to me, it always has been. Seeing something is never enough, I have to walk over and touch it, to feel that texture! Over the years my camera and I have recorded many a textural detail – tree bark, clouds, pebbles, flowers. Combining these with some of the more obscure (yet delightfully quirky) items I have found on my travels – traffic signs, phone boxes, wellies – amidst the beautiful Dorset countryside, I compose my very own felt stories.

Wet felting the canvas and picture layout (adding silk and bamboo fibres to create lighting effects and a sense of perspective) I use my felting needles and a bit of free machine embroidery to enhance story details and that hidden agenda!

Phone: 07833 398074