Rachel Raine

Rachel Raine


Most of my jewellery designs are inspired by nature as I find patterns and textures beautiful and fascinating. To make pieces I use traditional silversmithing techniques; silver is pierced, soldered, hammered, reticulated (melted), rolled and polished in a variety of ways, so that the different surfaces react with light to add beauty to the finished article. I also use techniques such as raising and forging to make vessels and other forms, such as spoons and bowls.

I incorporate precious and semi-precious stones, gold details and other materials to enhance my designs.

Recently I have been enjoying casting items such as ammonites, starfish and shells to add to my range of jewellery. I love designing and making small silver boxes, sometimes with textured surfaces or with interesting semi-precious stones set in the lid.
I have made a wide

variety of silver objects on commission, including; boxes, bowls, bookmarks, wine coasters, rings, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
When clients come to talk to me about the items they have imagined, it is a real and exciting privilege to realise their designs.

Every piece is unique, made of sterling silver and hallmarked with my own hallmark according to the law.

Phone: 07989962199

Email: rachelraine@hotmail.co.uk

Website: rachelraine@wix.com/silver