Ruth Paris

Ruth Paris

I am self-taught, learning through reading, tutorials and most importantly my mistakes! I have always been highly creative developing my ‘art’ over the last twelve years, particularly during the five years spent in Malta. The combination of time, peace, weather and cultural differences was invaluable.

I find the creative possibility when using mediums such as paint and paper is profound to me but as Matisse quotes, it takes courage to put it into fruition.

My silhouetted paper-cuts are continuously evolving. They are earthy, playful, natural and sometimes quite ethereal. I adore the way the silhouette simplifies the form and yet can be so intricate…. this paradox is thrilling! I am inspired by the way a shape can be transformed by the use of different mediums and by taking it outside the frame gives it a life of its own.

My relationship with oil paints is passionate in the way they slide and blend under my brush, and along with the smell of the turpentine, is intoxicating. I am a painter that is drawn by the alchemy of light and shade and how that creates a very three-dimensional subject. I use detail and mostly paint portraits and still lives where the theme holds an interest to me.

For commissions please contact me through the following:

Tel: 07562305794

Instagram: ruthestelleparis